Valve and Pipe Solutions
Aegis offers a fully comprehensive line of valve, pipe, and fittings for all your highly corrosive and ultra-pure process systems.
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Aegis BFV 2100
High Performance Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves Engineered for "Dry Chlorine" Service 
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Aegis HPCV Series
High Performance Chlorine Service Ball Valves Engineered for Environmentally Safe, Zero Leakage Performance
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Butterfly Valves
Aegis' BFV series lined butterfly valves feature the Most Advanced Technology available for controlling and isolating corrosive, ultra-pure, and highly-toxic process liquids and gases.
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Lined Piping
Aegis's HPLP series fully lined high performance piping systems feature indutry's most innovative and comrehensive solution for transforming highly corrosive, toxic, and ultra-pure process fluids and gases.
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Lined Ball Valves
AEGIS' LBF series fully lined full port ball valves are engineered for reliable isolation and control of extremely corrosive, hazardous and high purity process liquids and gases.
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Lined Plug Valves
Aegis' LPG Series valves are ideally suited for the stringent performance requirements demanded with wet chlorine gas and aqeous hydrochloric acid applications.
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Manufacturing Capabilities
In-house manufacturing helps us provide you with the shortest leadtime possible.
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