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Lined Instrument Bleed Ring Assemblies

The Aegis® IBR-L Series are specifically engineered for applications where environmentally safe draining of corrosive and or ultra-pure process fluid is critical, prior to the removal of the level or pressure transmitter.
IBR-L Valve Standard Features
Application Reliable Isolation & Evactuation of Process Fluids Prior to Transmitter Removal
Standards 16.5, 16.34, API 598
Size 2"-4"
Body Material  A216 WCB
Trim PFA Lined
Temperature Rating -20˚F to 400˚F
Pressure Rating 250 PSIG 
Process Sealing  Gas Tested, Bubble Tight per API 598
Stem Sealing  Dynamically Loaded U-Cup PTFE Packing
Connection Type  ASME 150#
Control Characteristic  N/A
Flow Direction  Bi-Directional
Design Benefits

Environmentally Safe, In Field Draining and Calibrating of Pressure Transmitter,
Enables Safe and Easy Removal of Pressure Transmitters,
Innovative Patent Pending Body Profile Designed to Reduce Weight and Piping Stress,
Complete Elimination of Threaded Connections,
Vent and Drain Valves equip with Lockable Oval Hand wheels,
Maintenance Free Design,
3mm Minimum, Securely Anchored PFA Liner,
Epoxy Coated Body
Applicable Standards
ASME B16.5 - Standard Flange Dimensions
ASME B16.34 - Valve Body Minimum Wall Thickness
API 598 - Details for the Testing and Inspection Requirements for Gate, Globe, Plug, Ball, Check, and Butterfly Valves
MSS SP-25 - Standard Marking Systems for Valves
Chlorine Institute Pamphlet #6 - Piping Systems for Dry Chlorine

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