High Cycle Life and High Performance Quarter-turn Pneumatic Actuators.

Actuators  Standard Features
Function Double Acting, Spring to Close, or Spring to Open Designs
Supply Pressure 15 PSI min. 120 PSI max
Body Material  Aluminium Alloy
Trvel Adjustment  5° in Closed and Open Direction
Air Supply  Filtered Dry or Lubricated Compressed Air
Temperature Rating -4°F to 180°F
Mouting Dimensions  ISO 5211/DIN3337
Design Benefits

Offered in 90 or 180 degrees Rotating Actuator - Double Acting, Spring to Close or Spring to Open Designs,
Guaranteed for 1000000 Continuous Cycles,
Permanently Lubricated maintenance free design,
Low Coefficient of Friction Piston Bearing Eliminates Metal to Metal Contact with the Housing,
ISO 5211 DIN 3337 Flange Drilling,
Internally Mounted, Blow Out Proof Pinion Shafts,
Exceptional External Corrosion Protection Provided by the Enviroguard System
Applicable Standards
ISO 5211/Din 3337,
VDI/VDE 3845,

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