HPCV and Other Specialty Valves


Specially designed for the Caustic Evaporation Process.


The Aegis® CEV series valves are constructed of High Nickel Alloys and provide proven long term maintenance-free operation in hot, strong effect caustic evaporation processes as well as other processes involving salt slurry. The CEV valve was specifically engineered to eliminate the historical problems common with valves used in the Caustic Evaporation Process including: steam leakage, twisted stems, seat erosion/washout, and corrosion.
CEV Valve Standard Features
Application Specically Designed for the Caustic Evaporation Process
Standards 16.5, 16.34, MSS 25/55, API 609
Size 2"- 8"
Body Material Nickel 200
Trim Iconel 600
Temperature Rating -20°F to 500°F
Pressure Rating 185 PSIG
Process Sealing ANSI Class 5 Shutoff
Stem Sealing PTFE Packing & 2 x Quad Seals
Connection Type ASME 150#
Control Characteristics Linear
Flow Direction  Bi-Directional
Design Benefits
Oversized shafts,
Zero stem leakage,
Six point shaft support system,
Blowout proof stem,
High flow tapered disc,
Industrial grade, heavy wall bodies
Applicable Standards
ASME B16.5 - Standard Flange Dimensions
ASME B16.34 - Valve Body Minimum Wall Thickness
API 598 - Details for the Testing and Inspection Requirements for Butterfly Valves
API 609 - Purchase Specifications for Lug and Wafer Type Butterfly Valves
MSS SP-25 - Standard Marking Systems for Valves
MSS SP-55 - Quality Standard for Steel Castings for Valves: Visual Method for Evaluation of Surface Irregularities

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