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Fully Lined Bellows Sealed Control Valves


The Aegis® RSS series valves are specifically designed for flow control of corrosive, hazardous and ultra-pure process fluids and gasses. The RSS series is especially suitable for media where stainless steal and exotic alloys do not provide sufficient corrosion resistance, as an economic alternative to exotic alloy valves, for metal-reactive media, for biotechnology and high-purity media where excellent cleaning and anti-adhesive surfaces are important, and for highly permeating media.
RSS Valve Standard Features
Application Flow Control of Corrosive, Hazardous, and Ultrapure Process Fluids and Gases
Standards 16.5,16.10,16.34, API 598
Size 1/2"-6"
Body Material  ASTM A395 DI
Trim PTFE Bellows
Temperature Rating  -75°F to 400°F
Pressure Rating  235 PSIG
Process Sealing Gas Tested per API 598/EN 12266-A Rate A
Stem Sealing PTFE Bellows
Connection Types  ASME 150#, 300#*
Control Characteristics Linear, Equal Percentage
Flow Direction  Uni-Directional
Design Benefits
Heavy Duty PFA Lining
High Security One-Piece Valve Body
PTFE Bellows
Secondary Packing System
Optional Leak Detection Port
Exchangeable Valve Plug
Applicable Standards
ISO 5752-R.1 - Standard Dimensions for Two-Way Valves
ISO 7005-2/PN 16
ANSI/ISA 75.08.07 CI. 150
ASME B16.5 CL. 150 RF - Standard Flange Dimensions 150# Class
ANSI/ISA 75.08.01 CL. 300
ASME B16.5 CL. 300 RF - Standard flange Dimensions 300# Class

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